Baby Dummy Clips

Mini & Me have been proudly supplying Australian families with our extensive range of dummy clip products since 2019. 

Our baby dummy clips, also called dummy chains, are made from food-grade silicone and come in a range of adorable designs & colours. Our dummy clips offer two solutions - keeping your baby’s dummy secure and providing relief during teething. Our silicone dummy clips have a clip at the end that easily attaches to prams, sleep sacks, car seats, clothes and even their favourite teddy. 

If you would like to find out more about our extensive selection of dummy clips or our baby feeding product range, check out our frequently asked questions. For any related dummy clip enquiries, please contact our customer service team by emailing or filling out an enquiry form

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As we all know, babies love to throw their dummy onto the ground and then cry to let us know they’ve lost it.

Scavenging around for the dummy and then having to clean it can be frustrating, especially when you are driving or out and about in public. The struggle to soothe bub and locate the dummy is a dance we are all too familiar with.

Even with our Mum superpowers, a little help is always welcome. Nibbling silicone dummy clips are difficult for bubs to pull off, keeping bub happy and saving you time searching for the dummy.

The big bonus with the Nibbling silicone dummy clips is that they also act as a teether. They are made from BPA free 100% food-grade soft silicone and meet all European safety standards, making them completely safe for bub to chew. If they aren’t sucking on their dummy, they have the option to suck on the dummy chain to help bring their teeth in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Nibbling dummy clips attach to all types of dummies?

If your looking to buy dummy clips but are unsure what dummies they are compatible with, the Nibbling dummy clips can be used with any dummy. This is because the end of the dummy chain has a little loop of ribbon with a button that goes around the dummy handle. While all dummies will attach, BIBS dummies are a favourite because they are also made from high-quality safe materials.

How do you clean dummy chains?

Nibbling dummy chains are 100% dishwasher and steriliser safe – which is a massive time saver! However, if you do not have a dishwasher you can use dishwashing liquid under warm water. If you are out and about, we recommend using anti-bacterial baby safe wipes.

Are dummy chains safe?

Our range of Nibbling dummy chains are completely safe for bubs and meet all European safety standards (EN71). It’s always best to buy dummy clips that meet EN71 standards. Safe dummy clips should have safety information published on their packaging. Some dummy chains, especially the hand-crafted beaded types, can be a choking hazard if each bead is not individually threaded.

Why buy silicone dummy chains over plastic versions?

FDA approved food-grade silicone beads are safe for your baby to chew on, helping to soothe teeth while also securing their dummy. Plastic versions do not offer the soothing capability and merely function to keep the dummy attached.