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The ‘I Can Spoon’ is a baby self-feeding spoon designed to make it easier for children to learn to feed themselves.  It is a Swedish patented design, and a definite must for any child learning to eat on their own.

At Mini & Me, we are proud to bring the I Can Spoon to Australia. We stock the full range, including bright and soft pastel colours.

What separates the I Can Spoon from other baby self-feeding spoons is its 6 different grips. Other baby self-feeding spoons offer only a whole hand grip, while this is a stable grip it doesn’t encourage the development of fine motor skills nor does it make it easy to learn to eat. This baby spoon is different as it trains the fingers rather than the arm.

The I Can Spoon multi-grip function allows your baby to hold the spoon the way they want and experiment with holding styles. This is important because it trusts the child to be able to develop rather than forcing them to use a certain grip.

Not only is this baby self-feeding spoon great for your child, but it is also great for you as a parent. The ability to use multi grips allows for more stability resulting in far less waste than other baby spoons. Less food on the floor and more in their mouth means more nutrition for them and less mess for you to clean up!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 6 different grips?

This baby self-feeding spoon offers 6 different grip options, as seen below:

Why should babies use self-feeding spoons?

It’s essential for babies to learn to feed themselves, but they need the right tool that is designed properly for them to do it. The I Can Spoon is developed for a child’s grip and is lightweight, giving them the best chance to build their confidence and develop their fine motor skills.

When should a baby start using self-feeding spoons?

Generally, a baby should start to use a baby self-feeding spoon at 9 months. With the I Can Spoon, at 9 months a baby will likely use the thumb and finger grips. By 12 months, your baby should start to use more grips, including the precision grip. By 18 months they will use a variety of grips.