Baby K'tan Carrier Wrap Instructions

Easy as 1-2-3, No wrapping

Wearing the Baby K'tan is as easy as slipping on a t-shirt; no wrapping or buckling involved. Simply place the carrier over your head and put one arm through each loop. You can carry baby in multiple positions from birth and up!

Baby K'tan Getting Started Steps

Helpful resources: ✔ Wearing Tips  ✔ Safety Check  ✔ PDF Manual

Baby K'tan Kangaroo Position Instructions: Birth - Approx. 3 months


Baby K'tan Hug Position Instructions: Approx. 1-18 months


Baby K'tan Explore Position Instructions: Approx. 4-12 months


Baby K'tan Adventure Position Instructions: Approx. 5-20 months

Do not use the Adventure Position for long periods of time in order to avoid over-stimulation. Follow your baby's cues.


Baby K'tan Hip Position Instructions: Approx. 6-36 months

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