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Baby K'tan's is an innovative product that allows you to carry your baby safely in multiple comfortable positions. It features a patented double-loop design and slips on like a t-shirt - no wrapping or buckling required. Mini & Me are a proud supplier of Baby K'tan products and have been providing Australian parents with a variety of baby products since 2019. For any product enquiries, please contact us by emailing or filling out an enquiry form

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Baby K'tan Original - 100.0% natural cotton, soft feel, with 5 wearing positions.

Baby K'tan Active - Temperature controlled breathable sports mesh that allows you to stay active with your baby. 

Baby K'tan Breeze - Half mesh/half jersey-knit construction allows you to rotate the wrap to adjust airflow (great for going from indoor to outdoor changing temperatures).

Baby K'tan Organic - Constructed from 100.0% GOTS certified organic cotton. Will give you and your little one a warm and cosy hold.

Baby K'tan Print - 100.0% natural cotton, soft feel, cosy fit, in a trendy colour print fabric.

Need help with sizing? View our 'Baby K'tan Sizing Guide'

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Baby Carrier?

A baby carrier, also known as a baby sling or wrap, is an item that parents can use to carry their child from birth through to toddlerhood in a variety of different positions. Its double-loop hands-free design helps distribute weight evenly across your shoulders and back to ensure an ergonomic carry for both the parent and child. 

The Baby K'tan baby carriers come in several different designs, colours and sizes. They all feature padded back and shoulder straps that have been designed to be contoured for optimum comfort. The Baby K'tan offers ultimate comfort as there are no buckles, rings, snaps or zippers that will press into sensitive areas such as your neck, underarms or lower back. Plus, it's machine washable and its lightweight airflow design makes it great for warm weather and exercise. 

What Are the Benefits of a Baby K'tan Baby Carrier?

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Ease of use - simply slip on the carrier like a t-shirt and you're ready to go!
  • Lowers the risk for hip dysplasia.
  • No buckles, rings, snaps or zippers.
  • Helps in the development of newborn head control.
  • Soothes colic or fussiness.
  • Improves attachment between caregiver and child.
  • Made of a soft fabric that is machine washable.

What Size Baby K’tan Carrier Should I Buy?

The Baby K'tan is offered in XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes. The sizing of the baby carrier or sling should be based on your pre-pregnancy fitted dress size (or jacket size for men). When choosing a carrier size, keep in mind that it will stretch slightly to conform to your body shape and may feel tighter after washing. If you're deciding between two sizes or are unsure which to order, we recommend selecting the smaller size. Be sure to view our Baby K'tan 'Size Chart' too!

What is the Difference Between a Baby K’tan and a Baby Wrap?

Traditional baby wraps are made of one long piece of fabric, generally around 0.5m long, which you wrap around yourself and tie. A baby wrap allows you to carry your baby in various positions, but it does require some wrapping and tying which can take more time than the easy slip-on style of the Baby K'tan. Baby K’tan baby slings don't require any wrapping. It consists of a patented double-loop design - two loops that are connected by a third smaller loop. This innovative design allows you to wear the Baby K’tan without any wrapping, while still providing all of the positions and benefits of a wrap. Simply slip it on like a t-shirt!

How Do the Baby K’tan Original, Breeze, Active and Organic Carriers Differ?

Original & Print

The Baby K’tan Original and Print baby carriers are made of 100% jersey-knit cotton with a unique one-way stretch. This all-natural cotton fabric offers a soft cozy carrier for parent and baby.  


The Baby K’tan Breeze is made of 100.0% cotton - with jersey-knit cotton on one half of the loops and a unique cotton mesh on the other half of the loops. It has been designed to be easy on your back and its cotton-mesh construction enables free airflow. This is a great option for people who want a more breathable carrier with a natural fabric. 


The Baby K’tan Active is made of a 100.0% polyester high-tech performance fabric to create a breathable yet supportive baby carrier experience. It features Dri-fit® Performance Fabric which wicks away moisture and provides additional airflow for comfort. This makes the Active ideal for wear during strenuous exercise or in hot conditions. 


The Baby K’tan Organic baby carrier is made of 100.0% GOTS certified organic cotton with a unique one-way stretch. This environmentally-friendly carrier is made of a soft natural fabric that will give you and your little one a warm and cozy hold.

How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Use My Baby K'tan?

It may take some practice before getting comfortable using the Baby K'tan. But don't worry, most parents say it only takes about three tries before they get the hang of it. If you're unsure, view our Baby K'tan 'Carrier Instructions' for more help.

Is the Baby K’tan Carrier Safe For My Newborn?

Yes! Babywearing is the safest way for infants to travel because it keeps babies feeling safe and close to their parents. Newborns require constant supervision due to their vulnerability at this age, which is why babywear can be beneficial in providing safety and security for your infant during international travel. To ensure a safe, comfortable and cozy babywearing experience, be sure to read all warnings, instructions and baby carrier safety tips before placing your baby in the Baby K'tan.

Will the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier Comfortable For My Back?

The patented double-loop design of the Baby K'tan evenly distributes your baby's weight to your shoulders and back, while the waistline band helps adjust and centre the loops across your body. The wide fabric can be spread over your shoulder for comfort during long trips, as well as adding an extra layer of padding.

Are Baby Carriers Good For My Baby?

Absolutely! Infants are born with fragile, easily over-stimulated nervous systems. When carried in baby slings, baby wraps, and baby carriers during their early months of life, infant's experience the stimulating sounds, sights and smells that their parents experience while also being securely swaddled for safety. Baby carriers offer a gentle way of transitioning your baby from the calm environment of the womb to the busy outside world.

Is the Baby K'tan Suitable For a Toddler?

The Baby K'tan baby carrier is suitable for newborns up to children either two years old or less than 15.8kg. Since the Baby K'tan fabric is so stretchy, it provides plenty of room to grow with your baby into toddlerhood.

How Do I Wash and Dry My Baby K'tan Baby Carrier?

Our Baby K’tan baby carriers are made of soft fabrics (no buckles or snaps) and are machine washable and dryer safe. Machine cold wash (30°C) your Baby K'tan with similar colours only. Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low. Wash separately before first use. *For carriers with Spandex, hang dry and do not iron. 

Will My Baby K’tan Baby Carrier Shrink After Washing?

The Baby K’tan baby carrier is designed to stretch with use and tighten up in the wash. Accordingly, the carrier may feel a bit snug after washing; however, the cross stretch of the fabric enables the K’tan to stretch back out.

What Kind of Clothes Can I Wear With My Baby Carrier?

With the Baby K'tan baby carrier, you can wear anything from jeans to dresses. However, we recommend wearing something close-fitting so the fabric does not slip off or bunch up under the baby carrier waistband.

What is the Maximum Weight When Using a Baby Carrier?

The maximum weight that the Baby K'tan baby carrier supports is 15.8kg. If your little one weighs more than this, we recommend using one of our toddler slings or backpacks.

What's in the Baby K'tan Box?

Inside the Baby K'tan box, you will find a baby carrier complete with two metal rings, one on each end. We also include a matching sash, product instructions and a positioning guide to help make your babywearing experience easier!

What Is Your Return Policy For This Product?

Mini & Me is committed to providing an exceptional product experience and service for all of our customers. We are happy to offer refunds within 30 days of purchase as long as it has not had tags removed, has been worn or washed, original packaging has been damaged or it was purchased as a clearance item. If you wish to return or exchange an item, please contact us by emailing with your order number.

What is Mini & Me's Return Policy?

Mini & Me adheres to the guidelines set by the Australian Fair Trading Act. The following conditions apply:

  • No exchanges or credits are offered for products that have had tags removed, worn or washed, or the original packaging is damaged; or clearance items.
  • Items must be returned as purchased new, in original sealed and undamaged packaging.
  • Goods must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Customers must produce original proof of purchase docket/receipt.
  • Products offered on sale or clearance specials are not returnable unless faulty.
  • Warranty – All product warranties are manufacturer’s warranties. Manufacturers are entitled to attempt to repair a product before offering a refund, credit or exchange. (Product assessments are required to determine the appropriate means of action for each item).
  • Any costs incurred by the customer to return the product to Mini & Me will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Warranty periods do vary for each product. This period commences from the date of sale.

Can I Find Mini & Me Products at a Physical Store?

Mini & Me's products are stocked by local baby shops all across Australia. At Mini & Me, we are highly committed to providing our valued customers with an extensive selection of high-quality baby products available at the very best possible prices. We stock a comprehensive range of baby feeding products including baby bibs, baby dummies, dummy clips, suction bowls, plates and cups and baby spoons and utensils.  You will find that our product range also includes a selection of nursery products, feeding products, baby carriers, baby blankets, interactive playmats and more! To find the closest Mini & Me stockist to you, view our stockist's page!

Does Mini & Me Ship Australia-Wide?

Yes, Mini & Me does provide Australia-wide shipping! To calculate the shipping rate to your area, add your items to your cart and enter your postcode. 

What Payment Methods Does Mini & Me Offer?

At Mini & Me, we accept all major credit cards as well as AfterPay, so you can purchase your goods now and pay later.

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