Interactive Baby Playmats

The i-Mat baby interactive playmat by Creative Baby is a safe, comfortable and unique baby playmat developed to assist in child learning. Unlike traditional baby playmats, the Creative Baby interactive playmat is a sensory playmat that your baby can play and learn on. Creativity and curiosity are actively encouraged on this baby playmat with its bright and colourful illustrations and sounds. At Mini & Me, we stock the Alphabet i-Mat, the My Animal World i-Mat and i-Mat bundle which includes both baby playmats. Mini & Me are proud suppliers of a variety of interactive baby playmats and have been providing Australian families with an extensive range of baby products since 2019.  If you would like to find out more about our interactive baby playmats, check out our frequently asked questions. For any related interactive baby playmat enquiries, please contact us by emailing or filling out an enquiry form!

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Each interactive baby play mat is equipped with proprietary Voice Pen™ technology, that utilises a powerful photosensor to recognise what a letter or animal is when touched. The pen will also ask questions, describe and play sounds, encouraging the child to find the letter or animal on the baby playmat. The interactivity of this baby playmat helps to improve your child’s pronunciation, recognition of letters and animals and hand-eye coordination.

Another feature of the i-Mat baby interactive playmat is the multi-language function. The playmat comes with four languages, English, Canadian French, Spanish and Chinese. This means your child can begin learning a new language just by touching the pen to an image.

The i-Mat interactive baby playmat is a great way to keep your little one entertained while also learning along the way. It also allows you to participate in your child’s creative development while exploring and having fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is the i-Mat baby playmat suitable for?

The i-Mat baby playmat is suitable for the following ages:

  • Babies - the baby playmat is firm but well cushioned for a baby learning to crawl.
  • Toddlers - learn with their parents.
  • Children - learn by themselves.

How to clean my baby interactive playmat?

The Creative Baby i-Mats can be easily cleaned and stored. Either vacuum, wipe off or shakedown.

What surfaces can the i-Mat baby playmat be used on?

The Creative Baby Interactive playmat i-Mat can be used on most surfaces including:

  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • Carpet

What is the Creative Baby interactive playmat made from?

This interactive baby playmat is made from high-quality EVA foam that is safe & non-toxic.