Easy Outdoor Activities for Kids this Summer!

Author: Charmaine Morgan  

Summer in Australia is amazing with sunshine streaming in from 5am till 7pm, making it the perfect time to be enjoying fun outdoor activities with the family >>


Over the Christmas summer holidays, parents and carers are tasked with planning outings and activities to keep them occupied for six weeks, so it pays to have a few fun outdoor activities planned for the holidays.

Yes, most kids will have some screen time to keep them stimulated, but outdoor time is highly recommended by multiple studies highlighting the beneficial effects of outdoor activities on a child’s development.

We have put together 11 of our favourite outdoor activities you can enjoy with the whole family, this summer:


babywearing baby k'tan mum outdoor activities for kids

1.Beach time for some sun and salt water

Suitable for all ages.

Australia is surrounded by the most incredible coastlines giving kids the opportunity to get accustomed with world class ocean views and experiences from day one.

Whether its building sand castles, body boarding or snorkelling, there are so many actives to keep the kids entertained at the beach.

Don’t forget to Slip, Slop, Slap! Hats and sunscreen are a must for any beach trip!

The sun is at its hottest between 11am and 3pm, so aim for an early morning or late afternoon beach trip. Planning to make a day of it? Choose a shady area or make sure you take an umbrella or other shade option to avoid too much sun at the hottest time of the day.

If you are out for a stroll and getting used to babywearing, use a baby carrier with cotton mesh and UVA protection – such as the Baby K’tan Active Carrier which comes with UVA protection and is made from a high performance fabric which eliminates sweat and moisture, keeping baby comfortably temperature controlled throughout the day.

2.The Zoo

Suitable for all ages (3 months and up)

A day at the zoo promotes learning and wonder in children. Depending on which state you live in, The Zoo create some really fantastic school holiday activities to keep the kids entertained and engaged during the school holidays.

rockpool with kids outdoor activities for kids

3.Explore local rockpools

Suitable for ages above 12 months

Local rockpools are incredible at influencing curiosity in children and adults. Bring your bucket, net and goggles to make exploring interactive. Make exploring microorganisms and the many wonders of the sea educational by providing a guide to the types of creatures and sea plants that may be found in your local area and keep a list of what you find. Remember to leave everything as you found it, so as not to disturb the natural environment.

4.Scavenger Hunt with a twist

Suitable for kids from 3.5 and up with variations in difficulty based on age group.

This is great way for children to be outside familiarising themselves with the environment. The scavenger hunt can be incorporated with longish walks promoting executive skills like attention to detail whilst multitasking in children.

toddler at beach outdoor activities for kids

5.Get creative with sand play

Suitable for 8 months and up.

The classic sand play is great unstructured play promoting early physical development in early childhood. It is also to encourage creativity – if you don’t have room for a sand pit, you can get your hands on some kinetic sand, which comes in various colours and can be moulded into desired shapes.

6.Parks and Playgrounds

Suitable for kids from 0 – 8 years.

You can’t go wrong with parks and outdoor playgrounds with so much play and learning opportunities for babies to school age kids.

  • From babies watching tree leaves and branches move and crawling on grass.
  • Toddlers blowing and chasing bubbles.
  • Pre-schoolers making mudpies and crawling through tunnels to playing hide and seek
  • For the school age kids who are more equipped to structured learning still enjoy playing tag and climbing on structures.

kids playing outdoor activities for kids

7.Cloud watching with a reward

Suited for kids from 1 year and up

Cloud watching is a classic activity you can easily do with your little one. Identifying the different shapes and sizes of the clouds will boost creativity. You can turn this activity into a structured learning experience with the scope of rewards for creativity and imagination.

8.Backyard Movie Night

Suitable for the whole family

Summertime is a great time to organise a backyard movie night with the whole family. Get creative with your “movie theatre” set up, you can use a white sheet as a screen and provide a snack bar with popcorn and more!

backyard cinema outdoor activities for kids

9.Day Road Trip

Suitable for 3 months and above

Get out on the open road for the day, with a day road trip. Australia is jam-packed with exciting places to visit, so choose somewhere that is an hour or so away, to avoid too much time in the car.

Look up interesting bush walks you can do in your area, or find waterfalls, rivers or other natural wonders you can explore. Don’t forget to check out our tips for stress-free travel with your kids, including packing snacks and car games to keep everyone happy and entertained.

Getting out of the house and taking the time to explore is beneficial for both parents as well as the kids.

10.Animal Farms

Suitable for kids who are 18 months and above

Animal farms are great for direct interaction with another species especially if you don’t have pets. Interactions with animals can incite wonder and curiosity especially when playing with the animals and feeding them. Unlike the zoo, animal farms are usually more interactive with the animals, allowing you to pet, feed and play with the animals. They are also a great way to get up close with native Australian species such as koalas and kangaroos.

11.Visit a waterpark

Suitable for kids who are 18 months and above

Don’t live near the beach? Water parks are another great option to keep the kids cool this summer. Whether it is a large water park such as Wet’n’Wild or the local public pool, there is so much fun to be had! Water parkers are also a great way for children to learn to swim and play incorporation with other children.

And there you have it, 11 fun outdoor activities to do with your kids this summer. Don’t forget to keep the little one and yourself sun protected and hydrated.

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