How to Host a Virtual Gender Reveal Party

Author: Charmaine Morgan  

Virtual Gender Reveal Party

Pregnant during isolation? We feel for all our pregnant Mummas’ out there!

Your pregnancy months have so many great moments, which you would ordinarily be sharing with your loved ones. While you can’t physically catch up with all your family and friends right now, don’t let that stop you from celebrating all your big pregnancy moments!

This includes your Gender Reveal Party – 2020 is bringing out the creativeness in all of us, so check out our tips for hosting a successful Gender Reveal Party in isolation.

What’s a Gender Reveal Party?

A Gender Reveal Party is a really fun celebration where parents, friends and family find out the sex of a baby. This is a party where everyone is invited (unlike the Baby Shower which are usually women-only affairs). It’s a chance for both parents to celebrate their upcoming parenthood and have some fun with everyone before the baby arrives. These parties are usually hosted halfway through the pregnancy, or about the 4-5 month mark.

Choose Your Reveal

Ok, so there are literally hundreds of different ways you can do the big reveal. Some of the most popular gender reveal methods include:

Cut the Cake

You can let a bakery know the sex of your baby, and they then make a cake with either blue or pink frosting inside, so when you cut into the cake, the gender is revealed. The good news is, you get to eat cake too!

Virtual Gender Reveal Party Cake


Pop a Balloon

Fill the balloon with either pink or blue glitter, confetti etc, so when it ‘pops’ the gender is revealed. Make sure it’s a large balloon for maximum effect.

Open a Box

Fill a box with coloured helium balloons which will fly out when you open it. Good chance to sneak some presents into the box as well.

Virtual Gender Reveal PartyTheme


Sports Theme

What’s you and/or your partner's favourite sport? There are so many different takes on this, you can hit a hockey puck, kick a ball, throw darts, putt a golf ball, or any other sports theme, with the ball exploding in the gender colour.

Gender Reveal Piñata

Want to really build the suspense? Fill a piñata and go to work smashing it until the gender is revealed.

Water Guns with Coloured Body Paint

If you are willing to get a little messy, you can fill water guns with coloured paint (water-based removable paint obviously) and shoot each other to reveal the sex. Make sure you wear white clothes so the colour really stands out (will make some great photos too).

Virtual Gender Reveal Party


Get the Siblings Involved

If you already have children, you might like to get them involved, perhaps doing one of the above, such as the balloon popping or cake cutting. Just be prepared for disappointment, a lot of kids have their hearts set on a little brother or sister, so they may not be initially happy with the ‘surprise’!

Get Creative

Search the web and get creative with your own, unique gender reveal method. As we are all in isolation, the bigger the better, to give us all some entertainment during this strange time at home!!

Enlist a Good Friend

You are going to need someone to help pull this surprise off for you! When you go in for your ultrasound, let the doctor know you want the gender to be a surprise. They can give you an envelope with the gender enclosed, which you can then pass on to your friend to help organise the reveal.

As we are in isolation, you might need to arrange a time for them to access your backyard or home to set up the reveal. However you set it up, just make sure you follow the social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Send Out the Invites

You want to set a date and time for everyone to tune in and watch the gender reveal. Given this will be done online, you can either send the invites out via Facebook or email. Or it might be nice to post out the invites, with everyone being home would be nice to get something fun in the mail!

Either way, make sure there a clear instruction on what they will need to do to tune in.

Using Facebook Live

You can set up a Facebook Live event, where all your loved ones can tune and watch you stream the gender reveal. Create an event on Facebook and invite everyone who you would like to join.

Add clear instructions about the date and time to log on to Facebook to watch the live stream and send reminders to ensure everyone attends. The great thing about Facebook Live, is the video will also be available after the event, so anyone who can’t attend can watch it later.

In the Event page, there is a “Live Video” button, this is where you will stream your video.

Facebook Live Video Instructions

We recommend you set up your laptop or tablet where your gender reveal is going to take place and ensure you are close enough that everyone will be able to hear your audio.

Check our Facebook’s instructions for further info. We recommend doing a test run with your nominated “friend helper” to ensure you get everything set up correctly.

Have a Script

As this will be a one-sided conversation, write a script or guide for you and your partner, for when you start the Live Video. As a starting point, you can say something like:

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for joining us online today. We are so pleased you can be a part of this, even if we can’t get together in person.

Then go through and explain how it is going to work and how they can chat with you afterwards. Then Go Live with you reveal and have some fun.

Switch to Your Chat

Once the gender is revealed you can end your Facebook Live video and switch to your chat, so you can share the joy with everyone. We love HouseParty as a good group chat option, or you can use Facebook video chat, Zoom or Skype (among many others).

Just make sure you have previously sent the link for your chat in the group and remind everyone how to access, so you can celebrate with your guests.

What’s Next?

Next up is your Baby Shower! Stay tuned for our next blog on how to host a Virtual Baby Shower!

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