Our Top Tips for Baby Wearing in Winter in Australia

Author: Charmaine Morgan  

Baby wearing is a safe and convenient way to get out and about with your baby in winter. Read our top tips for winter baby wearing in Australia here >>

Winter has arrived! Australia gets some fairly extreme winter months, depending on where you are based in the country. Even in our milder areas of the country, it still gets pretty chilly in the winter months for most of us. Unfortunately, this does not mean we can hibernate! We still need to get out and about with our children during winter.

This is where baby wearing becomes very convenient! The Baby K’tan baby wrap is the perfect way to keep your hands free while running errands with your baby. In winter, it’s the perfect solution to keep your little one nice and cosy, while you get on with your day. It is also a safe and easy way to get around.

We have put together our top tips for baby-wearing in winter:

Dress Your Baby in Thin Layers

Your little is going to be benefitting from all of your body heat, so you don’t want them too rugged up and overheating. Keep an eye on their body temp and watch for overheating. By dressing them in a few thin layers, such as long sleeves, pants, socks and a hat, you can add or remove as required and keep them snug and warm next to you.

Avoid Slippery Fabrics

Make sure you avoid dressing your baby in any slippery fabrics, which outerwear is often made of, which might see them change positions or slip around. Keep an eye on their position and ensure they are secure in the carrier or wrap.

Get Yourself a Large Jacket or Coat

Once your baby is snug and warm in their baby carrier, pop on an oversized jacket, which you can do up around you and baby to keep you both nice and warm. This is great for long walks or time spent outside and can be removed once you go in doors. Check out some great babywearing coats online too, which have been purpose built for baby wearing in winter.

Be Mindful of Overheating

As mentioned above, your body heat, jacket and carrier are all working to keep your baby nice and snug, so keep an eye on their body temp, to avoid them becoming uncomfortable and irritable.   

Choose the Right Wrap for You & Baby!

The Baby K’tan baby carrier comes in a range of soft, natural and breathable fabrics, to suit our varied climate in Australia. For Winter Baby Wearing, we recommend one of the following:

Baby K’tan Original – 100% Natural Cotton, soft feel, with 5 wearing positions.

Baby K’tan Breeze – half mesh / half jersey knit allows you to rotate the wrap to adjust airflow (great for going from indoor to outdoor changing temps).

Baby K’tan Organic – 100% GOATS certified organic cotton, that will give you and your little one a warm and cozy hold.

Baby K’tan Print - 100% Natural Cotton, soft feel, cosy fit, in a trendy print fabric.

Check out the below graphic for more info on Baby Wearing in Winter. We also have a tips page for wearing your carrier. Or feel free to get in touch with our experienced team at Mini & Me for more info on baby wearing in winter!

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