BIBS Dummies

BIBS dummies are Danish made high-quality natural dummies. They are made from a 100% natural rubber teat and are 100% free from BPA, PVC & Phthalates. BIBS natural dummies are soft and flexible, which makes them super comfortable for your baby. Mini & Me are proud BIBS dummies stockists as they are truly the best dummies.

BIBS Dummies Sizes

BIBS dummies sizes include:

  • Size 1 BIBS dummy
    •  Best dummies for newborns.
    •  The size 1 BIB dummy will be suitable for 6 months until you need to upgrade to the size 2.
  • Size 2 BIBS dummy
    • Suitable for 6months to 18 months

BIBS Dummies Colours

We stock a massive range of natural rubber dummy colours to satisfy your colour obsession. From island sea to vanilla glow in the dark, we are sure to have the colour you want.