Baby Dummies (Newborn - 6 Months)

Mini & Me have been proudly supplying Australian families with our extensive range of dummy products since 2019. We stock a massive selection of high-quality, 100.0% natural rubber BIBS dummies that will help soothe and calm your child. All of our BIBS dummies are soft and flexible, making them super comfortable for your child, and are 100.0% BPA, PVC and phthalates-free. Shop our full range of BIBS dummies online today! If you would like to find out more about our dummy products, check out our frequently asked questions. For any related dummy enquiries, please contact our customer service team by emailing or filling out an enquiry form!

What Size Dummy Should I Get For My Child?

At Mini & Me, we have two different sizes of dummies. It's important you buy the right size for your child as a dummy too small is a choking hazard and a dummy too large can be uncomfortable.

Size 1 (Newborns - Six Months)

We recommend BIBS 'Size 1' dummies for newborns. The 'Size 1' BIBS dummy will be suitable for your child until they reach six months of age, which then you will need to upgrade to the 'Size 2'.

Size 2 (Six Months - 18 Months)

We recommend BIBS 'Size 2' dummies for children aged six months to 18-months.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Benefits of BIBS Dummies?

  • 100.0% BPA, PVC and phthalates-free
  • 100.0% natural rubber teat construction
  • Vented teat - all BIBS dummies feature a vented teat which allows the dummy to stay soft and retain its shape, helping to prevent jaw malformation
  • Meets Australian Safety Standards for soothers (AS 2432-1991)
  • Made in accordance with the Pacifier requirements by European Standard EN1400
  • Easy to sterilise - to sterilise a BIBS dummy, all you need to do is immerse in a cup of boiling water for five minutes and let it air dry


What Do I Need to Look Out for When Buying a Dummy?

When shopping online and from overseas, it's very important that you check that the dummy you're viewing meets existing Australian Safety Standards. All of Mini & Me's BIBS dummies adhere to Australian Safety Standards.
Dummies are also available in a variety of different sizes, materials and styles. In addition to regulatory requirements, keep the following in mind: 

  • The size of the dummy is appropriate for your child's age
  • There are ventilation holes on the dummy
  • It's constructed of high-quality materials - a broken dummy can become a choking hazard 


At What Age Can You Give a Child a Dummy?

At Mini & Me, we stock dummies in two sizes designed for two different age brackets. ‘Size 1’ is applicable for newborns until they reach six months old, and ‘Size 2’ is suitable for children six months to 18-months old. We also recommend waiting until your child is at least four weeks old before you begin to introduce a dummy.  


How Often Should You Sterilise Dummies?

We recommend that you sterilise each new dummy before letting your child use it for the first time. After that, you should sterilise it at least once a day, or before each use. Once your child is six months old, they'll be more resistant to infections and you won't have to sterilise it each time. However, they should still be cleaned with warm soapy water prior to each use.


How Do You Sterilise a Dummy?

The easiest way to sterilise a dummy is by placing it in a cup of boiling water for five minutes and then let it air dry. Due to the 'vent' opening, water can sometimes enter the teat when the soother is boiled or sterilised. If this happens, let the dummy cool down and then simply press out the remaining water using your finger and thumb, with the ring facing downwards. It's important to note, constant sterilisation can cause the dummy to deteriorate over time. Therefore, it's important to make sure that you are replacing them frequently. 


At What Age Should I Begin to Reduce My Child's Dummy Use?

Most parents like to start reducing dummy usage around 12 months of age to help avoid long-term dependency. However, this is completely a personal preference. Children can become quite attached to their dummies, so it's important that you don't remove them completely and instead take a gradual approach.


Are BIBS Dummies Suitable for Babies Who Are Still Breastfeeding?

This question comes up a lot, with many mums concerned about nipple confusion. The answer is yes – they are great! Cherry teats are designed to reduce nipple confusion in breastfed babies, as they are shaped to resemble a nipple. This means they encourage a baby’s natural sucking behaviour.


What’s the Difference Between Cherry Teats or Orthodontic Teats?

The BIBS dummy is a cherry shaped teat. It is made to resemble the shape of a nipple as to not cause nipple confusion with breastfed babies. Orthodontic teats have a rounded top and a flat bottom. This teat is recommended by orthodontists, as it’s less likely to cause problems with teeth later on. The issue with starting on an orthodontic teat is that it can cause a very young baby to suck differently and can, therefore, cause pain to the mother’s nipples during breastfeeding.


What is Mini & Me’s Return Policy?

Mini & Me adheres to the guidelines set by the Australian Fair Trading Act. The following conditions apply:

  • No exchanges or credits will be offered for products that have had tags removed, have been worn or washed, or where the original packaging has been damaged; or clearance items.
  • Items must be returned as purchased new, in original sealed and undamaged packaging;
  • Goods must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Customers must produce original proof of purchase docket/receipt.
  • Products offered on sale or clearance specials are not returnable unless faulty.
  • Warranty – All product warranties are manufacturer’s warranties. Manufacturers are entitled to attempt to repair a product before offering a refund, credit or exchange. (Product assessments are required to determine the appropriate means of action for each individual item).
  • Any costs incurred by the customer to return the product to Mini & Me will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Warranty periods do vary for each product and this period commences from the date of sale.


Can I Find Mini & Me Products at a Physical Store?

Mini & Me products are stocked by local baby shop businesses all across Australia. At Mini & Me, we are highly committed to providing our valued customers with an extensive selection of high-quality products available at the very best possible prices.

We stock a comprehensive range of baby feeding products including baby bibs, baby dummies, dummy clips, suction bowls, plates and cups and baby spoons and utensils. You will find that our product range also includes a selection of nursery products, feeding products, baby carriers, baby blankets, interactive playmats and more!

To find the closest Mini & Me stockist to you, view our stockist's page!


Does Mini & Me Ship Australia-Wide?

Yes, Mini & Me does provide Australia-wide shipping! To calculate the shipping rate to your area, add your items to the cart and enter your postcode.


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